Mid-Winter Geocaching Get-Together 2016

What is Geocaching and why should you support it?

Geocaching is an activity involving the use of GPS (global positioning system) receivers or GPS-enabled smart phones to hide and find "geocaches" which contain a log book and optionally items to trade. There are over 6 million geocachers and 2.7 million geocaches worldwide. There are over 100 caches within 10 miles of this event location.

Geocaches attract people to the area 365 days a year. Geocaching events bring people together as a group to "meet & greet" and find local caches.

The Mid-Winter Get-Together has been a geocaching tradition in the Adirondacks for over 10 years. It has typically been held in Long Lake, where it attracts up to 75 people, many who stay the entire weekend.

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Supporting a geocaching event is a good way for local businesses and community organizations to promote the area.

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Midwinter Geocaching Get-Together 2016 GC68A1T

coordinates: N 43 29.633  W 074 22.258
UTM: 18T E 550858 N 4815854
gpx file


Eleventh Annual Midwinter GeoCaching Get-together! This will follow the same theme as the previous events. An event in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains, in the middle of the Winter where geocachers from all over the North East get together to geocache, visit with geocaching friends, make new friends, share stories, trade geocoins and signature items, and just plain ol' have fun in the snow.

As in 2014, this annual event moves from Long Lake to the Speculator-Lake Pleasant-Piseco area. Maybe we should call it the "late winter" get-together this year because it is scheduled a couple weeks later than the traditional Long Lake weekend to avoid conflicts with other events in the area. However we'll stick with tradition. In most years, weather and snow conditions the second weekend in March are not that much different then the end of February. The event really doesn't depend on ideal snow conditions anyway, and a side benefit is that there's a little more daylight for geocache hunting and the continuing el nino weather pattern this winter is going to result in the ability to find some local caches that are not so winter friendly.

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updated 2/7/16: Our meeting room at The Inn opens at 11 AM and is available until 5 PM, or later if you wish to stay and have a late dinner. We do not have a specific meal planned. Food and drink is available all day, but no purchase is required. The current plan is to have is have a group picture in front of the nearby "Welcome To Speculator" sign (GC4CMBZ) about 4 PM and then a drawing for door prizes. Still working on one or two local activities so there may be a few awards to present as well. The Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce is a good place to pick up area information.

Updates will be posted on this event page and we'll have any last minute details, information, and agenda changes available at The Inn. We are working on a breakfast meeting for early arrivals or those staying the weekend.

Here's the facts so far:

Who: All geocachers, especially those missing the Long Lake Get-together and looking for a winter geocaching event in the Adirondacks.

What: Annual Midwinter Geocaching Get-together in the Adirondacks.

When: Saturday March 12, 2016. Meeting room open 11 AM - 5 PM.
(Possible additional activities/events on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. If you would like to set something up please let KC2WI know.)

Where: Caching in the Adirondacks Speculator Region. Meet & Greet at The Inn at Speculator.

Why: Meet and greet other geocachers and have fun in the great outdoors.

Breakfast: Nothing planned at this time. Full breakfast or just coffee and donuts available locally. Working on a possible breakfast meeting.

Lunch: Nothing planned at this time. You can get lunch at the meeting location or any of several establishments in the area.

Dinner: The suggested schedule is to have dinner during or after the door prize and award presentation. However no purchase is required to attend.

Weather: You can check the current conditions in Speculator on the Lake Pleasant Central School weather station and webcam. Don't believe the current local conditions reported by the National Weather Service, because the reporting station is Glens Falls airport. Weather Underground uses the weather station at King Of The Frosties in Speculator.

Some Cross Country Ski Trails in the area are:

Ice Skating: The covered pavilion in Speculator is a free outdoor skating rink in the winter.

Snowmobiling: The Wells - Speculator - Lake Pleasant - Piseco - Arietta - Morehouse area is a super place for snowmobiling. We have everything from lakes to wide trails on seasonal roads to backcountry trails in the deep woods. The towns and local snowmobile clubs (DRAG of Speculator, Pleasant Riders, and Algonquin Sno-Blazers) do a great job of grooming and trail maintenance. To get a general idea of the trail system, you can view or download the 2009 map but some trails have changed over the years so be sure to pick up a current trail map, available free at the chamber and all area businesses. Snowmobile rentals are available in Speculator. The Chamber of Commerce can give you general snow conditions but for actual rider-generated trail condition reports, you can check the ilsnow trail report forums.

Some caches are on snowmobile trails and are most easily reached by snowmobile. If you own a snowmobile, do bring it!

March is also the time for maple sugaring. If you find Weaver's Sugarbush GCYRH you may be able to observe maple syrup being made. Other local maple syrup operations may also be open to the public.

If you are a ham radio operator, bring your 2 meter radio. Meet on the air on the Speculator repeater 147.165 (+, no pl). For other repeaters in the Adirondacks you can hit while traveling to and from the area, see the list on the NNYARA web site. If you have HF, join us any Sunday morning at 8:30 on 3.958. For local info, see the Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club web site. Several of the club members are also geocachers!

Cell Phone Coverage: This is the Adirondacks. Need I say more? The only cell tower in the area is on the top of Oak Mountain not too far from GC4VXDN. There is good cell service in the Speculator area and out to several miles. There is virtually no coverage much past Oxbow Lake, and due to the hills and mountains there are dead spots even closer in.

Free WiFi: Available at the Chamber office and some of the local businesses including The Inn At Speculator, our meeting location..

Event Duration: Although this is listed as a Saturday day event, geocachers may want to come on Friday before the main event and/or to stay for the weekend. For accommodation info please contact the Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce, 518-548-4521. If you make a reservation, please post on the forums and the event page where you will be staying so others who are interested in knowing will know.

We hope to have some related events on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. There may be an informal winter camping activity or a moonlight ski/snowshoe. Still working on it. If you are interested in setting up an associated event, please let KC2WI know.

Caches: There are many winter accessible caches in the area and some new caches will be placed. With the expected mild winter, some some of the less winter friendly caches may be accessible and/or we may have a few hints to help you find them in the snow. If anyone is interested in placing cache(s) before the event but is concerned about continuing maintenance, that can be arranged. Please contact KC2WI.