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Peter Newell
Computer Service and Sales
I fix 'em all - Desktop, Tower, Laptop, Notebook,
Netbook, Server, Workstation

Repairs -Software, Hardware, Network
New and Used Computer Sales - Installation and Set-up
Virus Removal - Data Recovery - Backup - Security
Networks - WiFi - Ethernet - Internet - Web Site Development
35+ years
engineering and professional technical experience.
Lake Pleasant NY ~ Glenfield NY
Serving the Adirondacks, Black River Valley, and Eastern Tug Hill region since 1999


SERVICE is my primary business.
Economical shop service. On-site service with flexible scheduling.
Convenient Remote Support. Urgent service available. Pickup and delivery available.
Remote support/repair through your Internet connection.
Priority and urgent service available including after regular business hours and weekends.
I sell high quality new computers.
Excellent performance with up to 5 year warrenty.

Economical pre-owned Computers Available
Windows 10 and Linux

Don't throw out that "old" XP, Vista, or 7 computer.
[or just tired of Windows 10 headaches?]
Let me upgrade it to Linux Mint and you will enjoy secure
high performance computing on the PC you already own.

$79 Risk Free Linux Conversion Offer
Convert your outdated or non-working Windows PC for only $79.
If you don't like it, trade it in for full credit on another computer
or I will buy it from you for $79.   You can't lose!

Working on a new Web site...
It's not ready for prime time but some of my newspaper columns are posted.

  • Top Quality Computers - Get the best quality, reliability, performance and value with a new Nexlink or Certera desktop orJetbook notebook optimally configured for your business or personal needs, from the number one custom system builder in North America and with local support. Up to 5 year warranty. I don't sell junk, I don't try to sell you something you don't need, and I provide expert personal service and local support. Try getting that from a big-box discount store or on line merchant. Deal with a local professional you can trust instead.
    Before choosing a new Monitor, check this handy Computer Monitor Dimension Analysis
  • Professionally Refurbished Used Computers - Save money and save the environment with a guaranteed pre-owned system. Unlike yard sales and eBay, all used equipment is completely tuned up, checked & guaranteed. You're not buying someone else's problems. Get a complete high-speed Internet-ready system for as little as 10% of the cost of a new computer.
  • NEW LIFE FOR YOUR OLD COMPUTER! - Get additional value out of the PC you already own! Update from your unsupported XP or Vista to current, secure, and stable Linux. Immune to Windows malware; runs great on older hardware; and unlike Windows 10 there are no forced updates or privacy concerns.
  • Computer Repair, Upgrades, Tune-up and Optimization - Resolve problems and keep your computers running smoothly. Stretch your computing dollars and ensure trouble-free computing with a thorough tune-up and inexpensive upgrades that make sense.
  • Remote Support is available. Many problems can be repaired via remote access, avoiding the need for an on-site visit or bringing your computer in to the shop for software repair. Unlike most "tech support" I speak and understand English and if the problems can't be resolved by remote access, I'm close by. You can easily bring the computer in or I can come to your location.
  • Networking - Specializing in business and home wired and wireless networks.
    Having trouble getting connected to yourt WiFi? I can help.
    Share your applications, data, printers, and Internet connection. Set up network backup.
    Install hardware firewalls to prevent intrusion and safeguard your systems and data.
  • Wireless Connectivity - Get your wireless device (laptop, Android tablet, iPad, Kindle, Nook, wireless printer, etc.) connected to your WiFi network and the Internet
  • Wireless Printing - Get your wireless device (laptop, tablet, or phone) to print to a printer connected to your PC or network.
  • Virus, Spyware/Adware Removal - Clean up infected systems and install security software. Adjust Windows settings for enhanced security and performance.
  • Data Recovery and Transfer - Recover valuable data from crashed systems. Transfer data to your new computer. In most cases I can save critical data before starting troubleshooting, repair, or general tune-up procedures.
  • Data Backup - Set up inexpensive back-up systems to prevent data loss so you won't lose critical business data or personal files and won't need my data recovery services...
  • Web Site Development - Help customers find you and reach new markets.
    Specializing in low-cost basic web sites developed interactively with you.   more...
  • Consulting - Let me help you interpret technical specs and requirements.
  • Training - Learn what you need to maximize your productivity and IT investment.
  • Engineering Projects - Electrical & manufacturing engineering assistance.
  • Radio Service - Installation and diagnostics/basic repair of two-way radio systems.

In business locally since 1999. Hundreds of satisfied customers.
Over 35 years professional experience in business and industry.
Engineer with General Electric, Lockheed-Martin, Carrier Corporation.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees - Engineering, Technical Education.
New York State Permanent Teaching Certification.

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telephone: (315) 376-8879
Member Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce
Lewis County Chamber of Commerce.

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