Remote Support - Affordable Technical Solutions

Get expert help with computer problems by telephone consultation and remote access to your PC.

  • Some but not all problems can be repaired by remote access.
  • Major malware infections and other serious problems will require "hands-on" shop service.
  • You must have a basically functional computer with a reliable fast Internet connection.
  • Rates:
    -Prescheduled: $20 for first 10 minutes; $.85/minute additional.
    -Urgent: $25 for first 10 minutes; $1/minute additional.
  • 3% fee for credit payments.
  • By contacting me and downloading/ running the remote support connection application, you agree to the rates and to pay for the service time regardless of outcome.
  • Note: I can always do a major tune-up or software repair more efficiently if you bring the computer to me.

Call Me ! 315-376-8879
I speak English
(unlike most telephone "technicians" you just can't understand.)

You may also contact me by email with support questions
or to schedule a remote assistance session.

You can try contacting me through Facebook BUT
I don't "live" on Facebook and I prefer a more personal form of communication.
A good old fashioned telephone call is best.

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