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Contact Information

You can use the above address to send me e-mail or you can call me at (315) 376-8879. No solicitations please.

If you use a mail client (i.e. Outlook, Windows Mail, etc - not web mail like Yahoo, etc.) the link will open a new
message in your mail client program.

Please note that this does not send mail to a "permanent" address so do not add it to your address book.
(If I start getting too much spam at this address it will be changed.)

Please Note:

If you, or your business or organization, has a web site that lists an email address in unencoded plain text, or if
your email address is posted in plain text on any web page anywhere, I strongly advise you to have it removed.

Back before spam and email address harvesting was a problem, I had email addresses listed
my on web pages. Unfortunately I didn't get everything off before the problem started. Even though most of those
email addresses were deactivated 15 or more years ago, I still get spam when I try to reactivate and use them.

Web pages can be coded so that email addresses appear to be in plain text for the convenience of human readers,
but are protected from harvesting by most automated methods. If you need help with your web site, please contact me.